About Us and Why We Spend Time on CarlSpies


My name is Christopher and I'm the youngest child in my family. Growing up in the 70s and 80s our family spent a lot of time in the car, including many long road trips across the United States.

To keep us pacified, my parents would pass back a cardboard version of Car Bingo and Eye-Spy. While eating baloney sandwiches in the backseat of the car, my siblings and I would play that game for hours.  In those days, that was the only entertainment other than reading, looking out the car window at other drivers, or getting motion sickness from the car ride.

Now roll forward to 2019... 

Upon reflection of the "good ol' days" and noticing that kids and their parents have spent years using iPhones, Apps, and mobile games to entertain themselves while on a family vacation - I've decided to develop an "old school" car and travel card game that gives kids a reason to look out into the world around them, challenge them intellectually, stimulate creativity, and provide parents a means to entertain AND educate their kids while maintaining some semblance of sanity without requiring a wireless signal. That card game is called CarlSpies.

The folks working on this game are from Nashville, Cleveland, California, and New Jersey.  However, I truly believe that the "real people" making this game are the community of parents, kids, and grandparents that play CarlSpies and creatively come up with ideas for new cards, expansion themes, game play rules, and other things that they think up. I fondly call this group of folks our Above Average Families (AAFs). 

Well, what are you waiting for AAFs?! Come on, get the game and send us a note to tell us what you think. Heck, we need YOUR suggestions for new game cards or expansion packs. There might even be a CarlSpies reward (hint hint) for ideas that we use and hadn't already thought up ourselves.  See, there may actually be something in it for you.