a car and travel card game for above average families

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What is CarlSpies?

Time in the car with your kids is supposed to be a treasured moment of special bonding for a family... and then that daydream spirals downhill. A trip to Grandma's, car pooling for swim team, or simply running errands across town quickly becomes an agonizing car ride comprised of sibling-initiated torture and "He won't stop looking at me!" or other vague parent-confounding confrontations. 

Fortunately for you, a hard-working team of folks created CarlSpies. It's above-averageness that doesn't require batteries and isn't another app.

CarlSpies is this year’s best new car and travel card game for above average families that combines eye-spy with unexpected game mechanics like Swipe and Do Over. Your family will literally thank you for giving them an alternative to playing on their electronics for entertainment!


A car and Travel Game that you’ll love More and More each time you play

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